Friday, June 22, 2012

New from OTC '12: The Online Teaching Conference

I just spent the better part of a week with you (or some of you) at the Online Teaching Conference at Evergreen Valley College in San Jose. Great presentations, great networking, and one unforgettable experience! I can't reproduce it here, but I can give you a part of what we shared.

How to Design a Successful Hybrid Mathematics Course with Rena Petrello

Rena, a former MEET participant, shares and demonstrates components of a successful online developmental math course . She shows how to quickly and easily create video lessons (without a camera) and use CCC Confer for holding study sessions and office hours online.

Improving Collaboration between Community Colleges; Bettering Student & Faculty Opportunities with Michael McKeever

Another MEET participant, Michael McKeever, was not even present in San Jose but managed to present this session online via CCC Confer from a conference of his own being held in Orange Grove. So two conferences - and their attendees - were joined online and "face-to-face" with this session!

Best of all worlds: F2F, Hybrid and Online All Together!  with Alex Cheroske

Alex (yes, another MEET participant) demonstrates how a college biology class was developed to provide an engaging learning environment in a variety of formats for today's students, using CCC Confer to accommodate online and hybrid settings. 

Incorporating Multimedia and Field Experiences in the Online Classroom with Doug Borcoman


Still another former MEET participant, Doug Borcoman, provides information on the pedagogical aspects of multimedia delivery and showcases some important video lessons conducted remotely utilizing CCC Confer, Studio, and YouTube. He gives very practical tips throughout the presentation.

There were many other excellent presentations at OTC, and you can find many of them for replay here.  I think they'll convince you that you need to make plans to attend OTC '13 in person!

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