Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ten Reasons to Attend the Online Teaching Conference in 2012

San Jose, home of the silicon-based integrated circuit, the microprocessor, and the microcomputer, and the home of electronic innovation for over four decades. In 1909, Charles Herrold started the first radio station with regularly scheduled programming here.Today, there are more than 6,600 technology companies employing more than 254,000 people in San Jose. The Milken Institute continues to rank the San Jose metropolitan statistical area as the #1 high-tech area in North America.High-tech companies make up nearly 12% of private-sector businesses in San Jose, the greatest concentration in the U.S. and almost three times the national average. San Jose has 182.5 high-tech jobs for every 1,000 private-sector jobs: 47% higher than any other market.

OTC's portal keeps all attendees and presenters in touch with one another by means of discussions, captured sessions, presentation materials, and a vibrant social network. The conference continues even after the last booth has been disassembled and the planes have taken off.

Change is rapid and constant in the online education world, and you -as a professional - need to keep up with the changes. At OTC, you'll get a chance to hear from practitioners and insiders what's happening, what's new to the industry, and what's ahead in online teaching.

There are many faces of online learning, and here's a chance to see them together and up close. Your heros and mine come to this conference, and they're here to meet and get to know you.

Hands-on experiences with new tools, new applications, and the technology you're interested in using make this conference invaluable to educators.

There's a track and presentation for everyone, from the novice to the seasoned pro. If you want to know more about educational policies and best practices, we've got that. Want to hear about course design and accessibility? Yep, it's here. How about real-life disaster-preparedness and best practices from online educators who know from real experience? No problem.

OTC doesn't just skim the surface: it covers topics in depth. Although the novice can find plenty of information that's understandable and digestible, the educator who wants to know more will find enough to satisfy in the in-depth panel discussions and higher-level presentations.

OTC doesn't present one-sided or uni-dimensional pictures of online teaching choices or issues. We're vendor-neutral, solution-agnostic as a conference, so you'll be able to hear what works from many different angles. As much as we love our sponsors, we won't let them squeeze you into a single world-view.

All this for a mere $125 (early bird)? You'd pay twice that for half the content at most technology conferences!

We designed the Online Teaching Conference with you, the online teacher, in mind. Online teachers do most of the talking, teaching, and work at this conference, and they have the biggest say in how the conference will be structured and delivered. This is YOUR conference; thanks for making it work!

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